a message for my love poem

the winter sky
blue and wide blue
wind rushes sweeping
the lousy leaves fallen off trees
and my memories too.

Life –
loss and gain
pleasure and pain
draught and rain
and every summer is followed
by this winter, calm and sane.

The films are patchy, yet alive;
we sat together
seeing the winds rubbing the earth
and raindrops offering the pats of love;
we sat for hours
and talked nothing,
absolutely nothing!
And days passed… like they do
amid sunshine
the winter sky
blue and wide blue.

Though you went away
and I saw you go
and all this seems to happen
like just yesterday and this yesterday
comes almost every day!

Can you really go?
Can I let you go?
Your presence, my dear,
is carved on my soul
with the silent pen of Cupid’s
serious nonchalance;

still, you were never a part of me!

I am you; you are me; do you see? and it’s as true as
the sunshine
the winter sky
blue and wide blue.


for M