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Defining the definition…

For Alok Mishra, the unusual, the invented phrase – ‘jack of all trades master of some’ perfectly settles home! Alok is a poet, an author, a juvenile philosopher, a part-time footballer, an ambitious entrepreneur, an ex-cricketer, believer in science, a post-graduate in literature, a tech-enthusiast, a person who loves soft rock as well as Eminem as well as Bhupen Hazarika… how longer a definition will it be?

Alok Mishra now

Take it like that – Alok Mishra is the founder & Editor-in-Chief of a reputed and popular international literature Magazine – Ashvamegh. Also trying his hands in journalism, Alok has founded the ILN Group (India Latest News Group which became the parent of all of Alok’s projects later). Before everything else, he is a poet since those high school days. Alok has authored a book – Being in Love, which majorly focuses on the issues of honour killings and possible remedies to the problem.

Alok Mishra on a professional level

Professionally, Alok has worked as a content strategist for almost a year in New Delhi and came back home, leaving the office drab behind. Now he is a full-time freelancer offering his services to the individuals & organizations in the content area. He has time-tested abilities and successful projects in his portfolio. Alok Mishra has completed Masters in English Literature (December 2014, Nalanda College, Biharsharif) with awards like Best Student of the Batch, Batch Topper, and several others in debate and speech competitions.

What are the recent ventures of Alok?

Very active on LinkedIn & Twitter, Alok believes in the positive & constructive use of the social media. That’s why he has vouched for a group of Ashvameghians on WhatsApp. This group, with members nationally & internationally, talks literature and various aspects of literature. On this blog, Alok writes about English Literature (notes helping students), books & reviews, sometimes politics and most of the times, his poems. Below, you can read some of the recent posts by Alok Mishra.

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