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The Cold Night – Weird Short Stories 3

  "Are you sure, Alok?" And the tremble in her voice was visible to my ears. I looked at her coldly for a few seconds and nodded - yes. She was afraid but her fear could not hide the frenzy of happiness that she wore over her rob after my 'yes'. I did not have anything to hide. We walked slowly back home. All along, our steps crushed the ice [...]

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The Autumn – #WeirdShortStories 2

The Autumn - Weird Short Story 2 The night was still young and the stars were quite excited by then. Moon was nowhere seen; perhaps, she was sleeping by then or had already slept. Mr B was returning, on that dark night, from his work. It was more than late that night because he had to manage some extra duties pressed on him by his seniors. As expected, he could [...]

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The Journey – #WeirdShortStories 1

  He was returning. Helplessly. He was returning from a place where he had not been for the past two years. A place he tried to forget and almost forgot. Time is cruel and the compulsion it brings is crueller than itself. He had to go to find himself, once again, bullied and harassed and belittled. After sometimes, I started talking to him, once again, along the way. Our conversation [...]

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