The Journey Weird short stories 1 Alok Mishra


He was returning. Helplessly. He was returning from a place where he had not been for the past two years. A place he tried to forget and almost forgot. Time is cruel and the compulsion it brings is crueller than itself. He had to go to find himself, once again, bullied and harassed and belittled.

After sometimes, I started talking to him, once again, along the way. Our conversation did not mention, even once, the place he has been to. It was magical – for him and for myself! We had been missing this conversation for so long. We knew each other very well. In fact, we were friends for long. I didn’t remember when did I see him first; he told he knew me even before I was born. Though he looked of the same age as I was.

After a long conversation, when I tried to find my home which I could fathom from a very long distance, I found nothing. I asked him. “A few more miles, only;” he seemed calmer by then. The conversation started once again. This time, it never felt like ending it. By that hour, I was also enjoying that conversation which seemed perpetual as our journey. No one bothered reaching! It went on.


#WeirdShortStories 1

Alok Mishra