The Autumn – Weird Short Story 2

The night was still young and the stars were quite excited by then. Moon was nowhere seen; perhaps, she was sleeping by then or had already slept. Mr B was returning, on that dark night, from his work. It was more than late that night because he had to manage some extra duties pressed on him by his seniors. As expected, he could not finish the job and left in frustration. Once home, he called his wife for water. He waited. She did not come. He slept in dismay.

Mr B woke up the next morning. The doctor was examining his nerves. Realising that Mr B was awake, the doc shared a short smile which showed a glimpse of his unwise teeth. Mr B was perplexed and lost consciousness once again.

Mr B woke up. It was evening. He called his wife asking for the morning newspaper. He called again. She did not come out. Mr B sat near the window looking outside – the garden, the trees, the leaves but no greenery was to be seen. It was dull and dried. Spring was due. Autumn was in the view.

Mr B’s wife woke up. She drank a glass of cold water. She read the newspaper. She went to bring fruits from the market. She looked awful, numb and a little sad.

#WeirdShortStories 2

by Alok Mishra