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What form of literary criticism do we mostly use? Close reading method!

As a student of literature in the classroom, as a teacher of literature and also as a book critic, there is one common thing that I have always been doing – practising literary criticism. A student has to attempt a critical explanation, appreciation or analysis of given lines, extracts or stanzas. As a teacher (whatever position you are occupying – a professor, a tutor or an independent teacher), you have [...]

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How to study literary theory and criticism? Alok Mishra’s Tips

For the students of English literature, one of the most difficult tasks is understanding the literary theories accurately and without any misconceptions. Believe me, it's tough without a doubt if you don't have the right approach. However, understanding literary theories becomes very easy once you know the idea behind it. All you have to do is think with a perspective of the theorists themselves and try to understand what actually [...]

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Should you read a literary text again and again? Importance of re-reading

Reading a literary text is always useful for the people who belong to academic fields - students, teachers, professors and scholars. It gives them a clear idea of the scenario and an acute understanding of the theme. It enables them to critically comment, analyse and discuss a work of literature with full conviction. However, have you ever thought re-reading a literary text? Have you ever wondered what re-reading a text [...]

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Deconstruction – meaning & theory in literature with examples

For the past few days (which formed many months), I have been constantly trying to write an article about Deconstruction (only within the ambit of literary theory) for many students who have requested me to do so. However, Deconstruction is not so easy to construct! To write something about this is a highly risky job and before doing it, I wanted to be completely sure of myself and my research [...]

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Confused Notion of ‘Great’ in Literature

The Notion of 'Great' and Literature What is the notion of 'great' in literature? The one that Aristotle says great? Or the one that T. S. Eliot says great? Or for some, the one that Terry Eagleton says great? As many mouths that many notions... such are the notion of this 'great' in literature. Today, I will write something about this notion. I kept thinking for this for a while [...]

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EcoCriticism Theory in Literature: Introduction & Analysis

“The poetry of earth is never dead” Poets die; genres change or modify; writing style sees many changes over time; literary trends might change usually… however, the poetry of earth did never die; cannot die ever! This belief of John Keats was justified. Earth has seen ages; the earth has seen civilizations emerging and dying; the earth has seen bombings; the earth has seen disasters… it still stays. Anytime you [...]

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Structuralism in Literature : An Introduction & Details

Structuralism is a broad concept and me, you or anybody else cannot put it entirely in a single article. That's the most important thing I thought to bring up in the very first line so that you get it first-hand that being a student of literature, you have to focus on structuralism in literature rather than the whole concept of this term (or system). Just to give you a sense [...]

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Global Literature

What is Global Literature? If you ask this question to the greatest professor alive, which, unfortunately, is Google, you will get the references directing you towards 'world literature' and if you are lucky to use some broadband, you will end up knowing that 'circulation of books around the world' makes Global Literature happen. Well, I don't buy that argument of whatsoever logic is present in that. There is a certain [...]

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Modern Literary Theories: A Self-Help Series for English Literature Students

I have often thought about the curriculum of the students of English Literature. Being myself a student of literature (BA and MA), I had the chance to analyse it when I had a little maturity and a little mastery over the subject. The thing that confuses the students most is no doubt the part that deals with ‘literary theory and criticism’. Can someone please dilute it and make it simpler [...]

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