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Book Promotions & Marketing: Online Reviews, Digital Space & All You Need to Know

Book Promotions & Online Platform: My Experience It has been two years since I started working in the field of book promotion & author marketing, back in January 2015. In my journey as a promotion specialist, I have come across different kinds of challenges. The most common among them is the challenge of giving a book the right kind of digital treatment it requires. Which is, if you know the [...]

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Digital Branding Strategy : What is Digital Brand Promotion

Digital Branding Strategy The biggest advantage that we have in the 21st century is undoubtedly the internet. What do you need? Ask anything to Google and it will let you know. If you are feeling tired, log on to Twitter and explore what's happening in the world. You might miss your friends sometimes; don't worry and go to Facebook, have your friends near you. In simple terms, the internet has [...]

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