Poems by me, yes, Alok Mishra

I am publishing some of my recent poems in this post. I hope you will like these creations. For me, poetry comes everywhere, every time… you do not need to wait for poetry to happen!


Dear ‘TIME’

I picked up sand

in both my hand

from the infinite of

his opulent creation.

I wished,

I could undo the Time!

Ah! the motions

always sublime,

nothing to barter or bargain,

it moves; it’s often


Leaving no choice of mercy

in the merciless quiver

it harbours on its mighty back…


With time,

the sand slipped

and I was left bemused.



The remains,

the cherished grains,

should I let them slip

too, in the flux of time?



I shall rather preserve


in an hourglass

and notice all ‘those’

fall and fall back,

fall and fall back,

fall back and fall,

fall back and fall,

and the life

shall be invincible of Time…



Fly O’ Bird

My Heart:

I love the bird,

love her

with all my heart.


My Soul:

But on wings,

she must fly,


fly high

in the sky

and to the far horizon


her wilderness

and imagination…


My Heart:

Ah! But my true love,

I will say her

and ask

her not to leave

and thus bereave

my life of life!


My Soul:

Oh! Fool!


if true,

does never

penetrate through

the rules of limitations.

Even the golden cage

and sweet nectar

are nothing


dear freedom

for the bird.


My Heart:

It hurts

seeing her fly!

Tears, come out

of my eye.

I wish really

to hold in my hands

her presence

and hide her shadow from the Sun.

I wish to be

all her limits

and her Horizon!


My Soul:

The wishes of ‘I’

does seldom matter

in love,


Let your love


decide, and wish

the best for your dear.


let not

your love shrink

to her physical charm

and confine her

in your cage of delusion.

The best –

let her fly

and cheer the flap

of her wings!


My Heart:

How cruel is the flow of life!

Why to such two-ways

it brings?

Here I die

and there it sings

happily, the

melancholy song of life…

But you say right,

O Soul Dear,

True Love means to bear

the pain of separation



I will see

the bird begone!

… …. ….. ……


(I shall cry

(and inside,

(even the soul shall weep

(to see her going away.

(But I know,

(a day,

(my love shall repay

(and my bird

(shall fly away

(from the far Horizon

(to me,

(and shall happily sit

(on my shoulders

(and guide me through the journey

(of this multi-facet life!) ………………………… an illusion is all that life needs to be lived by a poet!


So, My Dear Soul


fly high

fly far


and feel the sky!

Now you know

the line

that separates

the public vocation

and your life’s worth…


My love to thee,

O’ bird of me,

is free

of the attachment (as the soul says).




The eternal torment

……………………………………….. can the soul see?


Fly O’ Bird

Thou fly

and look not behind

for you will find

a never-ending chant

to destiny

(perhaps, life is all but this)

But your life, dear Bird

is FREE… gala and glee. So, delay not


Fly High




The Rebellious Torment


The world inside you,


wages a war


the world outside.

The long

you abide

with –

is, in fact,


you call ‘life’.


All the poems appearing on this page are composed by Alok Mishra. Any reproduction needs permission from the owner first.