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What does LOL mean to you? Most of the times or maybe almost every time, it means only laughing out loud. However, for the author Natansh Goyal, it means Law of Luck – yes, the title of his very debut novel is L.O.L Law of Luck and the novel has been released recently and it is being received very warmly by the readers. Reasons are many and I have also got an opportunity to read the book. As I usually do, I will leave a review for my readers here so that you can make your mind whether the book is your type or not.

Youth-oriented – Should I say it? One man in me says that the novel is surely youth-oriented and another says that no, the novel has many qualities which do not let it limit itself to a certain audience base – the novel has the space for a wide readership. The protagonist of the novel is a young man in his early twenties, Ravi Gupta. He wants almost everything a youth in India wants – good marks, essential luxury in life, a good job in future and yes, a beautiful girlfriend for sure! However, at the beginning of the novel, the luck of Ravi seems to have dried itself and he only gets emptiness – he does badly at studies and he loses his girl, Vaishali. So, his possible plan for getting out of the ‘virginity’ status gets dumped!

When you reach there, you will, as a reader, realise that the novel is written in a language which perfectly suits to the modern-day readers, in other words, who are the youth of the day – and worthy to be mentioned that even the author is a rather a young man himself! Therefore, I could understand the possible reasons for his use of rather catchy and somewhat charging language in the novel.

There are many things which are peculiar in this fiction – L.O.L is certainly about the Law of Luck – IPL betting! Yes, you will find in Natansh Goyal’s novel, the central character indulging in IPL betting and almost lose his semester fee but his luck gets the money back for him. Another thing which certainly captured my attention in this amusing and ‘naughty’ novel is the use of ‘fiction within fiction’ technique. Ravi Gupta reads the very old diary of his uncle, Jeevan Uncle (to name him). The diary is very old and Jeevan started writing it back in 1912. In the diary, Ravi Gupta discovers the certain law of luck which he starts practising in his life and it just changes almost magically thereafter. The otherwise amusing novel suddenly turns into a magical realism and a metaphorical illusion of beautiful language whenever the diary is being read – you will find a beautiful decorative font on the pages which mention the contents of the diary.

The major questions are – will Ravi be successful just with the help of Jeevan’s diary? Will he do good in life? Will he fulfil his dream of removing the ‘certain tag’ from his status? And all these questions will be answered when you read this one-day amusing piece of fiction – L.O.L Law of Luck.

On a critical note, the novel is certainly interesting. However, it limits itself to the life of Ravi Gupta and the world around him. Be it Murali, Vaishali or his diary. Nevertheless, within its limited sphere, the novel is more than enough to amuse the readers and keep them entertained and delighted if they intend to read the fiction to keep for themselves some moments of amusement. And if they want to decode the deep fiction or the serious creativity, they will surely find many things in the diary for themselves – the poems, the allegorical tales and the lessons of luck!

For the youths, the novel is surely a must read! For the pro-readers, they should also read it to understand what the young writers of our country are up to! Get a piece of this novel for yourself from the Amazon India link below. The link will open in a new tab:

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L.O.L Law of Luck by Natansh
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A must-read fiction because of many reasons… you will love the new kind of language flow and also the storyline.