Jestus on Rampage: Book Review by Alok Mishra

I read Jestus on Rampage and was left bemused with the pinch of satire and a mock-epic style of narration. It’d leave you with laughter, serious questions and of course – a self-searching!

AN Overview of What’s in The Book

Although the author hints us in the blurb that Jestus on Rampage is a ‘superbly amusing read that can leave you rolling on the ground with uncontrollable laughter,’ however, it’s up to the readers if they can find a sense of ‘modern socio-problems’ in the book. My reading has surely given me some of the interesting viewpoints that I must share with the readers:

  1. An ‘alien’ comes and becomes the protagonist of the novel. He understands the world in which human society lives. However, he does not only understand this world but also understands the problems of this world. His reciprocation to the problems he experiences is the major subject matter of the novel Jestus on Rampage.

  2. Observations of Jestus, aka, Bagdenborg, aka many other names, throughout the book, are mocking the helplessness of human society today. For an instance, look how cleverly Jestus mocks the dependence of human civilization on Science. His statement is very simple and straightforward, however, it poses a great question to us:

    “Could you get it, friends? Let me repeat. Man created science, and how he cannot live without it? Is it really freedom?”

Jestus on Rampage Book Review

Jestus on Rampage is ‘quite a lot’ for the readers who wish to read books for entertainment, for literary satisfaction or just for the sake of reading! You will not be left without the fulfilment of purpose for which you took up reading this book by the veteran author V S Sury; I am sure of that fact! The story begins when a professor (the impossible professor) rides on his horse’s back and reaches the premises of a university to join as a professor. Jestus or Bagdenborg, the professor and also the protagonist of the novel, is the person who also bids adieu to the university on the back of the same horse in the progress of the novel. Amid amusing incidents, self-intriguing question sessions, moments of sexual intimacy (with added humorous ingredients) and so many other things, the adventures of this ‘impossible professor’ continues.

Much later, to say, at the last of the novel, we realise that the professor has come out of the laptop screen in this world of ‘agony’! Before you reach to that point, you will have something of adventure; something of magic; something of mock-realism; something of love; something of conspiracy; something of escape; and if I may say so – something of everything!

You must read this book to experience a bit of ‘reading’ in the true sense. It’s not the typical set-up with a love game at the centre and things going around it. Jestus on Rampage is a book that is sound and solid in its structure and will give you a pleasant read on the leisurely weekends.

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