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Best Book for IAS Interview (UPSC)

Civil Services or the IAS exam is the toughest exam, perhaps, in the world. The most interesting fact about this exam is that not only the different stages of the exam – preliminary and mains, but also the interview is supposed to be tricky and difficult. For those aspirants who have the ambition of seeing themselves at that stage, the interview chamber for the IAS honour, knowing about nature and the details of the interview matters a lot. So, how can someone know in details about the IAS interview? Are there some coaching classes? Are there some books? Is there any certain source which can tell the readers about the IAS interview? Yes, for them, I have thought to bring to light a very good and credible source of information about it – All About IAS Interview, a very useful book written on the subject we are discussing here.


Best book for IAS interview


All About IAS Interview is a book written by K. Siddhartha, one of the most credible and reputed mentors for the IAS aspirants in India. In this book, the authors (Vedant Ojha is the co-author) have tried their best to let the aspirants have a view from the outside, as well as from the inside, of the interview room. The book is divided into following parts:

Approach Paper & Strategy
DAF, How the Questions are Framed
Question Bank: Their Field & Dimensions
Issues: Their interpretation & Analysis
Sample Interviews
Everyday Improvement Tips

In every section, the aspirants will have more than many things to learn and to implement and mend their attitude. For example, the first section contains this wonderful during interview tips which will enable an aspirant further. The picture is taken of the page in the book (page number 37).


During Interview UPSC


As of my experience, I have not seen a book like this one which takes the readers (the IAS aspirants) into the details from the beginning – even if you don’t have any information about the nature and tone of the interview, you will feel at home after reading this book. Moreover, it has plenty for those as well who have faced the interview once or twice – they can judge where they might have made the mistakes which caused them a lot!

The sample interviews part at the end of the book is very effective. In that section, the author has done very great, in fact, in making three columns – questions, answers, and comments and analysis. It will help the aspirants in understanding the exact scenario inside the interviewing room in a mock manner. Likewise, the section which focuses on New Issues & Analysis is also very important as it focuses on the issues which are currently relevant and tries to present the possible scenarios or the questions which can be asked from those issues.

On a whole, the book All About IAS Interview is very important (and I will say must have as well) for the serious candidates who are preparing for IAS exams. Published by Kitab Mahal Publishers, the book is priced only 170 Rs and it is easily available through various ways of shopping – online and offline. You can also get the book by clicking the Amazon India link below:

All About IAS Interview on Amazon India (buy now)

Alok Mishra

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  1. A very good book indeed! Got my delivery in one day from Amazon and completely satisfied with this book. Thanks for sharing good book as always!

  2. My all doubts are clear now after reading your review about which book is the best for interview. Nice and elegant strategy adopted by the author to provide readers a depth analysis of real situation of interview.

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