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Life is A Poem And Full of Poetry!

Life, Poem and Poetry! Whenever I am asked to describe life, I begin with mute! Yes, there are reasons behind this pose. To me, life is something that I cannot just have a go as soon as someone wishes me to speak about it. I need time; I need words (indeed, the best ones); I need analogies; I need perfect arguments, and yes, I need metaphors! At last, I speak; [...]

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Poems by Alok Mishra

Poems by me, yes, Alok Mishra I am publishing some of my recent poems in this post. I hope you will like these creations. For me, poetry comes everywhere, every time... you do not need to wait for poetry to happen!   Dear ‘TIME’ I picked up sand in both my hand from the infinite of his opulent creation. I wished, I could undo the Time! Ah! the motions always [...]

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