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Beat My Drum Alone Poem

  Beat My Drum Alone I beat my drum alone most often. Sometimes I tried playing with another and others, but, the tone was sad and dull. Now, I beat my drum alone most often. I walk my road alone most often. Sometimes I tried walking with others, measuring their steps with mine. But the path became tedious, and I walked ahead. Now, I walk my road alone most often. [...]

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Shiva | A Poem

Shiva Shiva destroy 'me' please. Burn 'my & me' to unseen ashes and free 'nothingness' to mingle with YOU. This 'I' needs the Ganges you decorate in your mystifying Jata. Let the holy water wash the ashes, before returning to eternity. O' Shiva, destroy me, please!  

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Colourless Night – A Poem

Colourless Night Once again I see the occident and the wide horizon, ready to swallow the ruddy ball of light and melt that with the ocean's water. Along the shore, with each step I am getting a year back in those memories once I lived as life. Those whom I lost and those who lost me, I see the sun setting, yet again; they will also see. No mermaids I [...]

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April is no more Cruellest

April wasn’t that cruel this year and ended perfectly. Yes, the warmth of March turned into unbearable heat; still, it was lesser than the feat which people achieved in April. April wasn’t that unholy this year, and said goodbye fairly. Yes, the carcasses of defenders stunk; still, it was too little a pain that that what the ‘pro-poor crusaders’ took in April. April, the month and hours, passed was nothing; [...]

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Story of My Marijuana – Modernist Poem

I smoke ink to end my craving; inhale life and omit imagination; when on high dosage, I might, too, excel the reality… such is the story of my marijuana! This is a modernist poem (if I may say so) linking marijuana to poetry.

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The Mute City Night | Poem

The Mute City Night   The night roars in its mute voice! City walks; city sleeps; city makes love, and city murders. The night roars in its mute voice! City lies on the footpath amid the mist and fog that might clog the soul’s movement. The night roars in its mute voice! City is sad; city will rejoice. Let the night roar in its mute voice… We all know behind [...]

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Should I Say I Love You? Poem

Shall I? Will You? Well, though I know the soul is immortal, yet, to get ashore of the vale of mortality, it needs another fragment of the whole of purity. So, where to find you, dear love? Though I see you sitting next to me and blushing and hiding the immortal vale of mystery behind your curly dark hairs. I, though see you too have true complications, deep inside, that [...]

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Poem on Humanity Who Am I

  A Poem on Humanity by Alok Mishra Who am I? I sleep on the bed called earth; I cover myself from cold and sun with the cloth called sky. I came from the land of terror; I could barely save the carcass that breaths death! I need a place, and solace; I need sympathy and love. I need no more the shadows of guns and military dress. I need [...]

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Life is A Poem And Full of Poetry!

Life, Poem and Poetry! Whenever I am asked to describe life, I begin with mute! Yes, there are reasons behind this pose. To me, life is something that I cannot just have a go as soon as someone wishes me to speak about it. I need time; I need words (indeed, the best ones); I need analogies; I need perfect arguments, and yes, I need metaphors! At last, I speak; [...]

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Poems by Alok Mishra

Poems by me, yes, Alok Mishra I am publishing some of my recent poems in this post. I hope you will like these creations. For me, poetry comes everywhere, every time... you do not need to wait for poetry to happen!   Dear ‘TIME’ I picked up sand in both my hand from the infinite of his opulent creation. I wished, I could undo the Time! Ah! the motions always [...]

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