Poetry of Parting… I am eternally yours, M!

Since childhood, I have been a person who knows no frontiers. If I wanted something, there used to be nothing between me and that thing. Well, almost we all are like that. Sri Ram wanted the Moon. Sri Krishna wanted makhan. I often wanted misri. We all got that – Gods and human beings, at least in their childhood, share the same expertise of being adamant. With age, the body [...]

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When I am random… thoughts and recollections

A window seldom opens when a gate is closed. I have been through this darker phase, at times, and felt the darkness so closely, dearly! Who cares for the light when darkness accommodates the calm of the soul which almost fears to lose the argument to the light which itself is ignorant of the brightness but just lights it up for the sake of doing so. Strange case but classic [...]

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