how to live back normally after break up and emotional problems

As a child learning to walk, most of us must have heard the conventional words – life teaches us many lessons when the time comes. We learn to speak, walk, manage ourselves, manage others, and many more things as we move ahead. For a hypothetical moment, just imagine a child being a child forever and not moving ahead with time – what will happen? That particular child will remain a child forever. Even if his body ages, his mind will be that of a child with certain limitations. One has to synchronise with time to stay relevant.

Life does not wait for us. However, it does remind us when it moves ahead. It’s solely upon the disposal of us, the human beings on this mysterious earth, to acknowledge the reminder and move ahead with life or ignore it and begin falling back into the darkness. For the better part of my life, I have been moving ahead keeping my head straight and mind free. However, for a few months, recently, I had almost forgotten how to keep pace with life. I had almost fallen into darkness and dipped a few times and got out bathed in despair. Why? Couldn’t I have the courage to face life? Yes, I had it always; however, I did not dare to face the truth of life.

Though every sunset waits for the sunrise, sometimes it becomes a little longer. In winters, we have to wait long to see the Sun up high in the sky. During the rainy season, this wait might get longer. Never forget though that the Sun rises in the east; it has been rising and it will continue to rise. We cannot see the sun but we cannot deny the Sun! I understand that I have been losing things recently. I have faced severe blows recently. I have been pushed into hopelessness recently. I have been forced to be lonely recently. I have been through excruciating pain recently. The best part of this experience was that it made me stronger, composed and calmer. I can see, feel and think better.

Problems and breaks do come in life. It’s upon us how do we use them. Sri Ram used his misfortune to get rid of Ravan. Krishna used his separation with Radha to make earth lighter of Adharmis and teach human beings the lessons of life. I used mine to start thinking more seriously and seeing life from many other angles and perspectives I did not have before. Yes, Shakespeare was right when he proclaimed, ‘sweet are the uses of adversity’. Are you ready for the challenge? If yes, then forget your pain and remember your journey. You will lose people, things and thoughts all the way. Have the goal in mind and keep moving. Keep challenging yourself!

Alok Mishra Poet Author

Life is real. And if you want to enjoy some diorama, you will lose your life. I have learnt my lessons. When will you? Be wise when you decide – are you going to make your hallucinations diuturnal or let your life be real forever. Learn to divaricate between things to ascribe priority tags carefully. All the best!