The World So Far… by Alok Mishra


The edge of the earth isn’t horrible
as the centre has become.
We slay just for food
as we do for modern faith.
Who cares the water on Mars
except those who ignore blood
on our earth.

Countries, continents, wall, newspaper
and television
all linger through the day
but we tend (or pretend?)
to forget that old, hungry, feeble man
whom we meet daily on the way
to the lavish office apartment
which touches the impotent clouds
in the barren sky.

How far have we come?
How far shall we go?

Some lives matter a lot;
most of them don’t at all.
Those who matter are eaten by science
and those who don’t
by the polluted religion.
And those who are baffled
look for the reason
search for a region
and we all have lost
our old, good vision
which once saw the world
as one big family!