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Selective Journalism ABP News


ABP News Involves in Selective Journalism


Recent Media Activity After Dadri Incident

The recent reflections from media agencies in India on the very unfortunate killing of a Muslim man in Dadri have compelled me to opine. I am the upholder of this view that media is the fourth pillar of any democracy. However, the current position in which Indian media (be it print or electronic) stands, I doubt this can serve as the most needed pillar of Indian democracy! Before the world looks me down with itching eyebrows, I will explain why I have to make such an opinion about Indian media. The context remains the same – unfortunate killing of the man, Akhlaq, accused to eat or have beef in the house at a village of Dadri.

Before we move to the ‘prestitutes (in terms of honourable V K Singh),’ do you know what is going on in the North-East region of India? Do people care to find out the situation of Gangtok? Do these ‘real journalism’ media channels in India care highlight the real news ever? Did you know what happen in ‘that’ small village of ‘that’ oblivion state in India? Coming to all of it, in short, yes, I dare say that Indian print and electronic media only ‘sell’ the news and make money! Indian media does never care about the importance of news. It needs money to feed the perpetual lust of wealth!

Well, back to the current event, we need to see things clearly. I doubt if the entire India agrees to my thought, but, there are only two groups of people in India right now. One group is ‘Modi Group,’ and the other is ‘Anti-Modi Group’. Do you agree? Any event that takes place in the Indian subcontinent, Indian media sees it with this pre-occupied sense of judgement. Remember ABP news, the one that says ap ko rakhe age. Just yesterday’s debate around 6 pm in the evening, and I was taken aback by the moves of Neha Pant! If you want to blame anyone to spread communal violence or approach in India, please blame anchors like her and channels like ABP! The moment is serious; someone has died; a serious crime has been done, and they need to do things like these? Where is the constructive journalism that once used to be here? Sambit Patra was trying to bring into light an event that took place in a village of Bihar where a Hindu boy was killed because he married a Muslim girl, she was not at all ready to listen! Why do you do so Neha? Do you want to pass your own judgements about someone who is the prime minister of India? Modi is not someone made of stones collected from a mountain near ABP news office. He is the honourable prime minister of India and more concerned about everything than how much irresponsible you are!


The Anti-Hindu Claim ABP News

I have recently come across some posts on the internet claiming that ABP news is anti-Hindu. I do not want to get into the details of such issues. However, I must admit that ABP news is not doing the right kind of journalism. They are only trying to create rumours around everything and divide people into two groups. Are you following some hidden agenda? Have you taken money from some foreign agencies? Someone can even doubt that you are acting like the agents of ISIS in India and spreading the feeling of dissatisfaction in a particular community of India.

I agree this event is important. Someone has been killed, and it’s highly condemnable. Where are your cameras when people die in Sikkim? Why don’t your cry foul – foul there?
I advise the anchors of ABP news, please don’t be selective in your journalism. Let India be a nation of unity and strength. If something breaks down, don’t forget you dwell in India too!

People should be aware while watching ABP news. Hardly you can trust these newsreaders! Use your sense of judgement before you believe.

If it’s only true:

Alok Mishra

First and foremost a poet, Alok Mishra is an author next. Apart from these credentials, he is founder & Editor-in-Chief of Ashvamegh, an international literary magazine and also the founder of BookBoys PR, a company which helps writers brand themselves and promote their books. On this blog, Alok mostly writes about literary topics which are helpful for literature students and their teachers. He also shares his poems; personal thoughts and book reviews.

This Post Has 6 Comments

  1. These days almost all news channels more or less are talking about these stuffs. Even print media are printing these stuffs boldly. I totally agree you that media, either electronic or print, should work eveb handedly.

  2. Nice post. True. Some media houses are displaying these traits of selective journalism. Par logon ko unpe dhyan nai dena chahiye

    1. Thanks Rina.
      This is just another opinion of a common man to show his frustration about the things not to be controlled! However, if people start being rational without the dependency on media, things will be getting good by themselves. I hope things settle down as soon as possible. India is getting to the track of higher ambitions and there are certain people in the politics who do not want this to happen. This is just an attempt to hinder the growth our nation can achieve.

  3. This is the real truth about our new day Indian media. When the religious census of India came out just a few day back, in every debate of ABP news, they were saying that Muslim growth rate of population is on decline. However, at the time of independence Hindu shared 96 percent of total population. Now currently in the north east region about 10 to 12 districts are those where Hindus are the minority. In 6 districts of Kerela and many more in other states Hindus are now minority. Has any media house ever debated these issues? When Mulayam singh yadav doesn’t count Hindus are riot victim in Mujuffarnagar riots ever they ask tough question. But when RSS chief says about reservation they ask tougher question about nothing. And they claim them selves as real media.
    However, I don’t have any hatred towards any media houses or about any religion.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Amit.
      I too don’t have any hatred towards any community or anyone in particular. I am just offering my personal opinion to the world. After all, it’s a Democracy and we have the right to share what we feel unless it does offend someone/thing.
      We can only hope that the media houses in India do their real business and do not spread communal hatred around.

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