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Is Instagram Useful for Book Marketing? Alok Mishra Answers

Instagram is a great tool. Or, is it great at all - even near to being good? People keep checking the photos by others; at times, they also try to look good themselves by clicking their selfies in various positions and applying various filters. It's fun, isn't it? However, is Instagram a good tool for the authors to promote their books? People have been arguing it and some 'influencers' claim [...]

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Influencer Marketing Examples and Meaning

Influencer Marketing: I would love to start this essay with an affirmation that new places bring new information to you. Likewise, new responsibilities also expose you to new dimensions of learning. I accept that the new chapter in my life (working for a digital promotion company) has added many new layers to the depth of my little knowledge. Influencer marketing is the latest addition to the list. It's not the [...]

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