Kudos Arnab Goswami! We watch you!

Time! Let’s get back home. Close the laptop; pack the backpack (or side-bag if you are a classic person); if you are lucky to reach home before the primetime media slot, get fresh, and let us sit for the plate-full of journalism dose. Start the ‘channel shifting’ process and pause where you find something suitable for you. No doubt, most of the people find the tv-journalism respite on Times Now. The primetime show, Newshour Debate, anchored by a handsome and eloquent at language person – Arnab Goswami, garners the largest share of viewership. Being honest, I am also one of them who enjoy the show of Arnab. But why do we love his show? Why the viewership of NDTV and other channels have dramatically fallen? I will try to analyze this ‘rise & fall of the primetime shows’.

It is all about presenting the news with a certain agenda or presenting certain agendas with the news. I don’t criticize either of these two choices of the news channels. However, some English news channels took the coarse course of ranting the same thing day and night. For example, pick up the ‘self-proclaimed’ queen of journalism, Barkha Dutt. Her issues ultimately rest at ‘are Hindus not so’. The best part is that she does never feel wrong about it, even if she is shown the floor in public. Recent New York debate on Muslim & Misogynist practices is a great example of the ulterior agendas of Barkha Dutt’s journalism. You may hallucinate, dear Barkha, but people don’t. With time, we have had enough of your typical hatred against a particular section, a particular person, and a particular party. We stopped watching you and the result is apparent! NDTV lays itself at the bottom…

Honestly, I don’t understand the journalism of Mr. Rajdeep Sardesai. He has only one agenda, if you follow him carefully, ‘the ghost of Gujrat riots will haunt Modi’. If being the PM of India is that haunting, who will not want to be haunted, Rajdeep? Moreover, his selection of topics and ‘over-indulged’ journalism has left him cornered. I will talk no more of him; how much do you expect for a journalist who can abuse public in public and say someone ‘a****le’?

Arnab Goswami and journalism English Media

rising above the drab!

Let’s stay focused on Arnab Goswami. Be true; don’t you think he is the real face of Indian journalism today? He is fearless; he is dominating; he asks tough questions; he does not let the politicians get away that easily as other channels do… The recent expose by Times Now concerning the Ishrat Jahan case has once again added new heights to the reputation of the channel as well as Arnab. Most of the times, he speaks what most of the Indians would have spoken if given the chance. He asks what we would like to ask the politicians. If I am not exaggerating, Arnab is the reason people watch Times Now. Therefore, most of the viewership that his channel enjoys is on the primetime.

Not only positive sides, Arnab has constantly been on the receiving end. He has been criticized, attacked, abused, scorned and threatened as well. However, this person did never stop his journey. He kept going with his style, style that he names ‘fearless journalism’. When in the Telegraph National Debate 2016, Barkha spoke ill about Arnab, saying that dividing the screen into four parts and shouting at the top of one’s voice is not journalism, she must have forgotten that ‘shouting alone the same script again and again; letting the terrorists have clue of what is going on outside; indulging in PR work for the politicians with Nira Radia’ and many other acts are certainly not the journalism that is called ‘good’.

Arnab Goswami and journalism

asks tough questions

At last, bravo Arnab! You are really redefining the journalism in India. Honestly, I am impressed and more inspired by your style. It’s not the time to be ‘politically correct’ in journalism; let’s be straightforward; let’s be true to the facts; let’s go black and white! And, if at all possible, let’s do some positive and constructive journalism.