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मेरे शब्द | My Words | Poem Two

My Words Poem Two Hindi English


वो खास पल भी
और घड़ियाँ भारीपन के
बस ऐसे ही निकल से गये
जैसे रेत हाथों से
और पतझड़ में वृक्ष से पत्ते।

दिन और रात की आँख-मिचौनी,
सूनेपन और अपनेपन की बीच का वो फासला,
‘मैं’ और ‘मेरे’ बीच की वो दिवार –
हाँ –
जिंदगी तो रही निकलती
बस कुछ ऐसे ही …

फिर से बैठा हूँ आज
चाँदनी रात में
साथ उनके जो हमेशा मेरे साथ हैं –
अस्तित्व और मेरे शब्द!

Those moments so special
and the weary seconds
passed away
just like the sands from hands
and leaves in autumn not ready to stay.

Days and nights;
the distance between solitude and bonhomies;
the wall between ‘me’ and ‘myself’;
yes –
life kept passing –
just like this…

Sitting again tonight
under the bright Moon
with those who accompany forever –
existence and my words!

Living the life in words and rhyme…

Alok Mishra

First and foremost a poet, Alok Mishra is an author next. Apart from these credentials, he is founder & Editor-in-Chief of Ashvamegh, an international literary magazine and also the founder of BookBoys PR, a company which helps writers brand themselves and promote their books. On this blog, Alok mostly writes about literary topics which are helpful for literature students and their teachers. He also shares his poems; personal thoughts and book reviews.

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