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Books & Tips for CBSE NET English Literature

  So much has changed about the UGC NET Examination. Hold on; the CBSE NET Examination I should say. And recent developments have confirmed that after this November 2017 examination, aspirants will have only one time a year party hosted by the CBSE authorities - a single time NET examination in a year. Moreover, this new decision also ensures one thing that the NET aspirants will have to work very [...]

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Never Seek to Tell thy Love | William Blake | Analysis

Well, gone are the days I used to bother about assignments during my college days. Still, once again, it's Too Little Too Much! I have an invisible assignment to complete and I will complete it enthusiastically. Most of you, who are the serious readers of poetry, must have been troubled once or many times by the writings of William Blake which are far more than just being serious - clandestine, [...]

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The Village Blacksmith: Poem Analysis & Summary

I am a huge fan of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow outside the ambit of the literary circle and a great admirer of him within it. He is a poet who acts often as a preacher always telling us which way to go in life. If you are a Christian, you must have read the Psalms in The Holy Bible. However, if you are a student of literature, you must have read [...]

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What is a Research Paper? Alok Mishra Defines Research Paper

How to prepare a research paper? Often, students ask me about the methods or writing a good research paper. Obviously, those are the students of English literature of graduation and post graduation levels. They have to prepare assignments and papers for seminars on different occasions. For the beginners, nevertheless, it's never easy to pick up the pen and sheets of paper with so many books and start writing something as [...]

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Thomas Nashe A Litany in Time of Plague Analysis

Thomas Nashe : A Litany in Time of Plague Summary and Analysis Thomas Nashe was a great poet. I have no doubts that someone would counter this truth. His poetic conscious and way of expressing the thoughts achieved great heights. A short-lived poet, Nashe only enjoyed a span of 1567-1601; however, in this short life, Thomas Nashe has designed some epitomes of English poetry! A Litany in Time of Plague, [...]

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The Thought Fox Ted Hughes Analysis

The Thought Fox Poem by Ted Hughes Looking for who has written the poem The Thought Fox? The answer is Ted Hughes. This poem is about the composition of the poem itself; in this poem, the poetry manifests itself in an apparent form. Ted Hughes and his 'Fox,' which is poetry in a sense, let others know about a poet's night. While others in the world do not bother about [...]

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