JNU – The Factory of Terrorists and Anti-Nationals

JNU - The Afzal Guru Event and Demise of Hanumant Thappa While the largest democracy in the world mourns the death of the lion son of India, Sri Hanumant Thappa, we must not forget the anti-national elements that reside very well within the country! I was very angry, sad and hopeless with the Jawahar Lal Nehru University authorities yesterday. I cannot forget the tone in which the student appearing [...]

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Smoking Ethics & Morals

Is Smoking Ethical? Ah! So, smokers have developed so much affinity for smoking that they suggested us to 'leave this planet'. All this happened at the ICPR conference of young scholars, January 2016. I was also a participant there along with other friends (those who came there from different parts of India). During the break, when no moderator and judge was present, I proposed the idea of having a free [...]

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Sarfaraz Alam Sexually Assaults Woman & Arrested

Sarfaraz Alam Waves the Jungle Raj Flame in Bihar So, in spite of all the cover-ups by the JDU and RJD MLAs, Sarfaraz Alam has been arrested on Sunday. The arrest could, unfortunately enough, come only after the newspaper reports and daring debates by Arnab Goswami on the NewsHour. Not to forget, it took the Bihar Government a complete week to finally realize that the cops were telling the truth. [...]

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Malda Kaliachak Riots and Media Silent

Malda Kaliachak Riots & Modi Mania of Media Modi has been the hottest topic for discussion in India (and perhaps internationally as well, though Rajdeep and his wife Sagarika, and Barkha won’t agree with me) since when he took the oath as the Prime Minister of India. Rightly pointed out an online news destination that you will daily see a tweeter war amid pro Modi group and against Modi communities. [...]

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Jungleraj Returns in Bihar

Jungleraj Returns in Bihar Once Again Murders and Crime Some days back, when I wrote about the election results in Bihar and annunciated the return of Jungle Raj. Came some people who where the supporters of Lalu Prasad, the epitome of corruption and synonym of illegitimate, and debated with me about my choice to criticize results of the election. However, I was not being critical; I was just being realistic, [...]

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The Juvenile : The Law : The Rape : The Release : Nirbhaya, do you see it?

Nirbhaya Rapist to Walk Free? Let’s face it today. The entire nation is breathless waiting for the verdict on the release of this juvenile rapist of Nirbhaya. The shame of the nation is that a person (be that 2, 3, 4 or 17 years old) can rape a girl but cannot be named as a criminal; rather, he is termed as a juvenile who has acted in such a way [...]

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Life is A Poem And Full of Poetry!

Life, Poem and Poetry! Whenever I am asked to describe life, I begin with mute! Yes, there are reasons behind this pose. To me, life is something that I cannot just have a go as soon as someone wishes me to speak about it. I need time; I need words (indeed, the best ones); I need analogies; I need perfect arguments, and yes, I need metaphors! At last, I speak; [...]

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AppWapsi Snapdeal and Aamir Khan Stunned

AppWapsi A Great Way to Protest India For the first time, I have witnessed the real war of roses by great fellow Indians. Yes, return it in the style. The idea of AppWapsi will show them what we can do. Very good job, dear Proud Indians. Let us show them India is tolerant; India has given you in billions; India will not say you anything, in spite of your so [...]

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How to Write Your First Poem

How to Write Your First Poem? All set to write your first poem? Well done, because the toughest part is making the decision to do something! However, before you write your first poem, let me ensure that you have already written so many in your thoughts; it’s something different that you could not pen those down on the paper. Today, I will try to be your companion and make you [...]

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Bihar Election Result Jungleraj Begins

Bihar Election Result While I should (rather must, at least as political courtesy, but I literally don’t mean to!) start by congratulating the Nitish Kumar & Co. or the so called Mahagathbandhan for their victory in the Bihar assembly elections concluded only yesterday, I am pretty hopeless for the coming five years of Bihar. I must say that I am afraid with this verdict; I know what Sri Lalu Yadav [...]

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