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First and foremost a poet, Alok Mishra is an author next. Apart from these credentials, he is founder & Editor-in-Chief of Ashvamegh, an international literary magazine and also the founder of BookBoys PR, a company which helps writers brand themselves and promote their books. On this blog, Alok mostly writes about literary topics which are helpful for literature students and their teachers. He also shares his poems; personal thoughts and book reviews.

a message for my love…

Sunshine the winter sky blue and wide blue wind rushes sweeping the lousy leaves fallen off trees and my memories too. Life - loss and gain pleasure and pain draught and rain and every summer is followed by this winter, calm and sane. The films are patchy, yet alive; we sat together seeing the winds rubbing the earth and raindrops offering the pats of love; we sat for hours and [...]

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Despite Stolen Dreams

Terrorism has no religion or if there is at all any religion involved in it, as the popular belief goes, that is a purely misguided form of Islam. In the name of Jihad, youths are rallied to enter into the inferno which directly takes them to death, without a doubt and all this has been brought to light by the wonderful fiction that Anita Krishan has written - Despite Stolen [...]

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The Big Switch: it’s never too late – review

Modern authors are writing the stories which are surely focused on the modern day youth but they seldom do them justice. They only pick the emotional aspects of love and attraction and bully the desires of youths with their spicy elaboration of the intimate scenes of lovemaking in their fictional world. You know very well who are the authors I am tacitly naming here... As a reader, I have moved [...]

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Kash ek Din: Hindi Poem

  आजाद मैं हूँ स्वतंत्र तुम भी हो किसी परिणाम, किसी कल से कोई अनुराग, कोई भय भी नहीं। पर कुछ तो है कहीं विचारों, भावनाओं के किसी कोने में सही जो जोड़ती है मुझे तुम से और तुम्हें मुझ से हर पल, हर रोज। कुछ तो है की मेरी नजरें रूकती हैं बस तुम्हारे चेहरे पे; कुछ तो होगा की तुम्हारी भी ख्यालों से दूर हो न सका मैं [...]

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With You; Without You – review

I have been indulged in serious reading of fiction for more than 10 years now and these ten years have brought experience to me. At the least, I have learnt the art of ramification and I can understand which is literary fiction and which is nonsense. In the past days, I have been reading a Hindi novel entitled With You; Without You and it has been written by an author [...]

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The Afternoon: Marathon Race to Acche Din – 3 | Review

  "The heat wave of demonetisation would be recorded in the history of India as a time when the nation did not collapse due to the sunstroke." ~ Phidalia Toi, The Afternoon I have read the previous two books of Phidalia's series called Marathon Race to Acche Din and I have liked them both. The same continues in her latest book called The Afternoon: Marathon Race to Acche Din - [...]

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Stranger – a poem

Stranger, why does your shadow linger day and night and reminds me of the super-subconscious desire? Do I know you? Don't I really know you? Stranger, why does your silhouette appear even in the shadowy evenings when eyes seldom differentiate between red and green? Were there some questions you asked and I didn't answer? Were there some answers you couldn't find to meet my queries? Have we ever met before? [...]

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Greco’s Game: An Aleksandr Talanov Thriller – review

It was a fantastic read, to be sure! The character Talanov is designed in a fashion that it will surely take a hold of the reader’s mind until the novel ends and only to be continued in the further instalment of the series! Greco’s Game: An Aleksandr Talanov Thriller is a novel by well-known novelist James Houston Turner, a US novelist famous for his thrilling fiction. This novel has everything [...]

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When I am random… thoughts and recollections

A window seldom opens when a gate is closed. I have been through this darker phase, at times, and felt the darkness so closely, dearly! Who cares for the light when darkness accommodates the calm of the soul which almost fears to lose the argument to the light which itself is ignorant of the brightness but just lights it up for the sake of doing so. Strange case but classic [...]

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मेरे शब्द | My Words | Poem Two

  वो खास पल भी और घड़ियाँ भारीपन के बस ऐसे ही निकल से गये जैसे रेत हाथों से और पतझड़ में वृक्ष से पत्ते। दिन और रात की आँख-मिचौनी, सूनेपन और अपनेपन की बीच का वो फासला, 'मैं' और 'मेरे' बीच की वो दिवार - हाँ - जिंदगी तो रही निकलती बस कुछ ऐसे ही ... फिर से बैठा हूँ आज चाँदनी रात में साथ उनके जो हमेशा मेरे [...]

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